Aiming…(Original Composition of Elle)


I can still remember the question being asked by one of the speaker on a business seminar which I have attended during my college days.  He said, “Which do you prefer, Working with a boss or Being the boss?” and I raised my hand for I chose being the boss. And now I’m working for a boss but still I am aiming to create my own business and be proud of everything.   Everytime I think about my family especially my sibilings, the average life that we don’t experience when we we’re growing up…I suddenly felt positive and strong.  Someday I will step on a rock, placed on the peak of a mountain where fresh air can be breathe and the grass and trees acts like an audience cheering for me under the blue sky and bright sun which God created and I am celebrating the success of my life with the one I love…

Someday….my mind says…someday


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