Loving is hard but…(Original Composition of Elle)

imagesThey say falling inlove with the person who loves you back is one of the greatest feeling in this world but in reality, after falling what happens next?  Ofcourse happy endings can only happen in fairytales and dramas and not in real life because life is a never ending story even if we die, life does not end in that…Christians do believe in afterlife or maybe all of us believes in eternity.  When we fall, we are not yet at the end of our story but rather falling is only a start of the new chapter of our life.  We fall because we love…we love that is why we are willing to sacrifice and why we sacrifice is because we already knew from the start that love comes with pain and we are preparing ourselves to be hurt because we knew it…we knew it but we’re still dumb to realize it.  When we are hurt, we look for someone to blame with our pain, we tend to be blind even though we know the truth.  Some just pretend and trying hard to fake their feelings and few only accepts that it happens for a reason.  You wouldn’t achieve success if you’re not willing to become down same goes to love that you wouldn’t find the right person if you are not willing to be hurt because loving as always hurt sometimes, irony huh?  What I was trying to say is we don’t live in a perfect world with perfect people around us. Everyone and every creation of God has imperfections that is why it’s either you accept the reality or be forever stupid (oooppsss sorry for the word😊).  But the best feeling is loving without exceptions and reasons, loving without limitations…it’s because you strongly believes that God truly loves us and gave his life even we are sinners…we can love too to the highest level. 😉


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