Tips on Giving her a Memorable Valentines Date. (Original Composition of Elle)

Valentines day is really a good time to surprise your girl  by giving her gifts, chocolates, roses and inviting her to a date.  Because girls are really sensitive when it comes to celebrations, they surely want surprises coming from their loved ones and they are dramatic that is why guys should be prepared enough for this special day.  
Aside from their birthdays, your anniversaries and holidays which demand your effort and presence, Valentines must be a memorable one for her.  So here are the tips that will give her a memorable Valentines Date. 

*Always Remember what she say.

Girls don’t want to be over obvious on what they want you to do on your date that is why she is just leaving you a hint and clue on what they say.  Most of the time, when you are walking together and you passed by a shop or boutique and she just say, “Wow that dress looks so pretty!” or suddenly she stopped and you noticed her looking on something…it means she wants it and even if she has money to buy it for herself, she wants you to buy it for her.  And when you date, she is expecting something from you even she is not talking.  Just be alert and curious enough so you won’t miss the clues she gives.

*Know her styles and fashion.

In other words, know her biography.  Just kidding!!!  You just have to know what are her favorites, likes and what are the things that could make her feel special and comfortable with.  Know her perspective and philosophy in life so that you won’t be too over suprising to her because oversuprising may upset her. Some girls do prefer simple gifts and others want to be surprised by balloons and flowers so you cannot tell if you don’t know her well.

*Be a boyscout.  Plan in advance.

If you really want a surprise for her, be prepared enough and surely a hundred percent that it will be a memorable one for her.  You can’t fight on a battle if you do not have weapons with you same as you cannot make her smile and surprised if you do not have surprises with you.  These are some of the surprises you can give to her and how to prepare for it:

*Gift online.

Now that we are in a more advanced world where technologies are continuously developing, people most of the times are depending on the Internet and now you don’t need to go to malls and shops to buy what you want because you can find everything online!  And you can also find gifts for your loved ones. But be sure that when you order online, you must make it advance as you can.  You should also know when is the shipment of your order because I tell you that it is not suprising anymore if you’re going to date her and apologize that you’re gift is to be followed. And one more thing is, you better know if your supplier is reliable and credible that you won’t be fooled and later surprised that it’s totally a scam…in that case that will be an unforgettable bad experience for your Valentines Day. 

And don’t forget to buy the best gift for her, also remove the tag price so she won’t know that you just buy it from sale or buy 1 take 1 store.  But price is not important as long as you take an effort for it.

*Make reservations.

When you plan a date, you must also be prepared for the place you want to take her to whether on a restaurant or any places that would give both of you a chance to talk about your relationship.   And when you want her to invite to eat, be able to have your reservation because finding for a place to eat is time-consuming that you can use the time to talk for long.  For a girl, if you are going on restaurant and you’ve found out that there are lot of customers because it’s Valentines then she might be able to feel not well, duh! Why is he not prepared? Didn’t he take that date a special one that he couldn’t give his time to reserve on a restaurant?   I am sure you don’t want her to be that. That is why time is gold and time is very much important in a relationship. 

*Find her availability. 

Gift, check! Reservation,  check! But what if she is not available?   That’s why you must know her availability or when is she free so you can do your plans perfectly.  But don’t be too obvious that you are knowing her free time,  you can use your tactics to know it because she can smell what you’re cooking I mean she can know that you are planning something because you are asking.  One tip I can give is you should ask her months or weeks before Valentines so she will forget that you ask for it. On that very special day she will be surprised.

*Express your love.

If you don’t have a large budget for your date and you couldn’t invite her to a fancy restaurant or she is not available on that day, don’t loose hope because you can still make it memorable for her by expressing your love to her verbally or orally.  You can call her or write her a love note that explains how you deeply love her.  

If you call her, make it on her break time so that she can hear it clearly.  But if you write her a love note it is more important to write what you feel about her and not just copy and paste from the internet because it surely is a piece of trash.  Don’t write very long and at the same time don’t make it so short that she can’t even feel your love for her.  Girls are very sensitive and dramatic that’s why you should make an effort.
If you can do this then you are ready to give her one memorable experience that she will remember for the rest of her life. Because you believe that she deserves it.


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