WHO SHOULD PAY ON A DATE? (Original Composition of Elle)

Valentines day is coming and believe it or not, it will truly come and no one can stop that even bitter persons who have stayed single since birth and those who are experiencing heart breaks.  And we all know that during Valentines day hotels are offering promos and discounts, roses and other flowers can be seen everywhere, red colors became the motif and ofcourse restaurants are in demand.  And when we talk about restaurants where it serves as the dating place of lovers although parks are getting crowded too but eating is the best bonding for both celebrating their first and many months in a relationship.   Many are still debating on this topic on “Who’s gonna pay on a date?” because it seems that it is a never ending argument and others after hearing explanations will still argue and sometimes agree with it.  But on the first place, dating is a vague word that is why I’ve created some ideas that will be in favor of your side but still it will not be the answers instead will just clear things out.

¤Typically it’s the Guy who should pay.

1.When you’re still courting the girl.  Ofcourse no girl in this earth would ask you for a date when the scenario is you’re still courting her.  She will just wait on your invitation and be glad if she says Yes if you invited her.  To make your Valentines date a great one, you can read “Tips on Giving Her a Memorable Valentines Date” on my site https://ejfweb.wordpress.com.

So going back to what I’m explaining, if you’re a guy and you want to impress and at the same time express your deep love to your girl, you should invite her on a date and be generous enough to pay the bills.  Why? Because you’re the guy and it is your chance to make her believe that you can give her anything she wants even she doesn’t tell it.  Additional ‘pogi’ (handsome) points to you if you do that!

2.If you are already in a long-term relationship.

Now this would be different but the theory still stays on the idea that the guy should pay for the bills and this time don’t just pay the bills but also show her that you truly owes that date and not just paying because it is your responsibility but pay for you love her from the beginning and until you grow old together.

¤He/She who has the capacity should pay.

If you’re still courting and you don’t have enough money to bring her to a date, do exactly what I say… Stay at home and do things that will make you busy!  I’m just kidding!!! Don’t loose hope but if it is your money that is loosing from you then you must use your ability and tactics to make her feel special on that day. But if this day is not your first date together and unfortunately you locked out of money to invite her to the best restaurant in town then it is the time that both of you share on paying what you eat.  You don’thave to be ashamed of anything because you have a valid reason and being her partner for say months and years then it is not a problem because you only not share laughters and joy but you are willing to fill the gaps and responsibility that your partner couldn’t give you.  Don’t worry because girls’ mind are not that narrow to understand your situation,  it’s normal but remember not to repeat it for many times for I am assuring you that she wouldn’t have the urge to date with you.  And always remember to show your love everytime.  Love is more important than money but it won’t be given if your girl is hungry.

¤He/She who invites should pay.

That is in the case where you both know each other well and don’t make money as an issue to your relationship especially on who’s going to pay.  It’s like you’re bestfriends and who invites first will be the one to pay because in the first place you will not be able to invite your partner if you don’t have the capability to treat him/her.  It’s fair enough!

¤Act of Volunteering.

And for the final, it’s up to you on who is willing to pay.  Again, it is applicable only if you are both comfortable with one another.

But whether what options you choose, nothing is more important than the love that you can give especially on Valentines day.  They say spending a lot means you love her a lot but expressions of love can be verbally and orally with efforts and hardwork.  To make your Valentines date special just read my article  Tips on Giving Her a Memorable Valentines Date”


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