When you dreamed of water…(Original Composition of Elle)

Lately I kept dreaming of water, different types of water.  I can’t remember the exact happenings so I will just tell to you what remained on my memory. 

My first dream is I am swimming in a river-like pool to hide from people who I think are guarding that place and it was like we I was being chased by them. 

The second dream I dreamed is that I was on a seashore and there were wrapped-things which are  carried by the waves on the  shore and when those wrapped things are being opened, I saw my sister.  It was very creepy ! 

And the next night I dreamed that we are having fun on a beach with my family and cousins but it was very abnormal that we are swimming in a beach were there are rocks of ice that can melt later so when I was going to somewhere  (where I really don’t know ), I told my mother and my sister to get out of the rock when they notice thst it was melting because they were on the middle of the sea.  And when I came back, I saw big waves and the ice were melted…I immediately run, screamed loud and cried for I lost them–I lost my family.  Even though it was a dream I felt very sorry and pained that time but when I turned my back I saw my sister and my mother hiding on a bench, they tricked me but still it isn’t fun.

I also dreamed many times of flood, muddy water…so I asked my mother what is the meaning of dreaming of water.  She said if the water is clear then it means fortune or luck but if it is the opposite then it means problems in the family may occur.  Whatever the meaning of it, I still believe in faith and prayers…


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