Yin-Yang (Original Composition of Elle)

When there is light, there is also darkness.  When there is fortune, there is misfortune.  There is always negativity when there is positivity.  We cannot have it all and we should accept that fact.  God did not create man to be perfect that is why we have to strive hard to be atleast almost perfect of it.  There are rich and poor people and we can be happy today but sad tomorrow…we never know what tomorrow may bring but we are responsible for ourselves to choose the best for us.  The yin-yang in our lives are normal, we all have problems and we all experience challenges but it all depends on us on how we are going to solve it.  It’s up to us if we are going to escape from it, hide or face it without fear because our choices reflect on what we are tomorrow and where we will be.

When we were young, we have the energy and lot of time to travel and enjoy our lives but we don’t have enough money to do it so and we wish we could work immediately to earn  money.  But when we were earning money and we have the energy to make an adventure, we have no time because we are too busy on working and earning money for our future and for our family.  We wish we can extend the time  but it is really quite amazing that when we are much older, we have the time and money to do those things but we lack the energy because we experience illness as we grow older and we have to seek medical assistance instead of traveling.  We have options and choices since then but we are not using it because of the things that we priotize more.  We can choose but we did not do it because of too many reasons.  We people have many reasons and explanations in life which made us regret at the end and leave us to a realization that we don’t have any choice but the truth is we have…we can have if we want too.  There is a saying that, “If you want you can make ways but if not you can reason out”.  It is our behavior in life that we tend to limit ourselves from the things that we can do.  When we are in doubt and can not decide on the things, we have to seek for other opinions.  If we are feeling down and upset of what is happening to our lives then we must remember that it is just a Yin-Yang life where things do have opposites.  When it rains today then there must be rainbow when it stops.  When we are in pain right now then maybe later there will be a huge happiness that will come to our  lives.  It is just when it rains, it totally pours. But we should not stop and surrender because there is always a reason for everything.


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