1. Being a girl is difficult. She has to be presentable in front of the guy.  Talking about personal hygiene, styles, and looks even her monthly periods that she has to handle carefully. 
  2. What makes it hard to court her?  Don’t you think that it is much harder for her to introduce you to her parents and the whole family without you being criticized and judged by them?  Then you will say she is very hard to get. 
  3. A girl has a very deep understanding and patience attitude that she is willing to wait the moment you ask her for  a date or even propose for a marriage. 
  4. And when she marry you, it is a proof of her deep love that she is willing to change her name into yours. 
  5. And the big fact is: Who losses virginity?  She is totally giving up everything for you.
  6. When the time  comes that she got pregnant, she carries the heavy child in her womb for nine months without complaining because she loves your child. 
  7. Who takes the hardest part of being in a delivery room with her life in 50:50 of chance to give birth normally? 
  8. Her sacrifice don’t end with it because she will make sure to raise your child in a better way that she knows. 
  9. Before she decided to marry you she thought of it hundreds of times if you will be the one whom she will share her whole life with.  The one whom she will serve and love being your wife and leave her family to create one with you.   She definitely has the right to be truthfully loved by you. 

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