Is your job a WORK?

Definitely it is hard to find for a job suitable for what we are capable of.  Some companies are looking for those with experiences in certain field and others are based on the degree and grades of a person to hire.  It is hard to choose for a job especially when we don’t know which will come first.  They say that we have to pass resume or biodata in different companies so that we can assure that one of them will call you back, having many options will be an easiest way to find job but what if you applied for a certain job that is not quite your passion or interest and you send an application to the company you want to work to…they say that first comes first, don’t miss the opportunity that will come your way.  But what if the job that is in your second option calls you first?  Are you going to accept it or are you going to wait for the job you really want to call you back?  If you accept the first job then you might regret it one day but when you wait for the job that you really want it is a 50:50 chance that it will call you back.  Here is a tip for you: 
If you are just a fresh graduate or you just want to earn money and that’s all then you don’t have to wait for the second job, grab the first opportunity that comes your way.  Why?  Because when you are just a freshman or a newbie for work then all you have to have is an experience, no matter if that job is your passion but it matters when you gain experience from it then you can have a good background  experience to add on your Resume.  If you have good Resume then it will be a good shot for you to be  chosen in a job you want to.  And if what matters to you is to earn money because of your family or certain responsibility then you don’t have to be choosy at all, just grab and grab because time is running and you don’t want to waste a minute of it.

And if you choose to pursue your wanted career then you must work on it and work hard for it.  But here is what I will ask you…is your job a WORK for you?  What I mean is it has a big  difference when it comes to your job.  Working because you love it is different from just working for income because that matters in your performance in the office.  If you only work for money then it will become difficult for you to improve yourself as an employee, you can’t dedicate yourself and contribute for the improvement of the company you are working.  You will take time to be promoted and tardy days will be your vision later.  When you work for money there is a tendency that you get lazy in working and you don’t even want to volunteer when no money is involved.  But if you are working because you love your job makes a big difference in your daily performance because you treat your job as your passion and you can’t even feel that you are working.  That is why finding for a job and choosing from job  offers are not that easy to make but it always depend on us.  What is more important is that we are trying very hard to be the best employee that our employer can have.


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