Normally, we people have unlimited wants despite of having limited resources and things around us so what we do is we find ways just to fill those wants.  We are given by God the things we need and it is our responsibility for the things that we want, to make it possible and to claim for it.

The most wanted by us is money and most of us are already hypnotized by money.  It is like they cannot move without it, they cannot even face the world without having it.  Some are making things which can give them lot of money and some are not aware that they are doing the wrong one.  Yes it is not a wrong thing of earning money but we have to make sure that it is from legal doings and we achieve it from a real hardwork.  Having money makes you a rich person but a rich person has two kinds; one is being rich because of hardwork and one is being rich because of evil doings.  We surely see money as money but most of us do not know that money has values except for monetary values, money may be a good money and an evil money.  A good money which came from good source and spent in good things.  Otherwise an evil money which came from bad things and spent in unnecessary things.

We are all pressured by life of having money that will satisfy us but do we have to be pressured enough for it?  Do we have to sacrifice our own body and our health?  I think that is insane…how about you?  What do you think?


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